Whole Life Hacker Angie Hawes


Angie Hawes


I  changed from a junk food junkie to a whole food way of  living and want to share how easily the switch can be.  Looking forward to encouraging you with hacks of mindfulness, healthy recipes, and lifestyle choices that have positively impacted me and my family.


About Me




This Former Broadway Performer is now a Mom on a Mission as a Certified Integrative Nutrition and Holistic Health Coach.

Pictures can be very deceiving. 

If you look at pictures of me in my 20’s and 30’s you would assume that I was healthy. After all, my profession demanded up to four shows in a 13-hour day and as many as six days a week of work. What you couldn’t see, and what I only discovered later, was that my body suffered from debilitating inflammation.  I was in a recurring cycle of sickness, chronic cystic acne, horrible seasonal allergies, and periodontal disease, and those are only the chronic conditions. I assumed that this was normal. Everyone suffers from something, right?


I had no appreciation for the connection and power that food has on my body every day. As a child of the ’70s growing up in Texas and attending college in Oklahoma, I swear the only lettuce was iceberg, and two favorite food groups were Dr. Pepper and fast food. I wish I learned earlier what I know now. Changing my diet and understanding the relationship between food and health became vital to me when I started my family. Food provides us with so much more than getting us through the day. Finally, I have learned how to flood my body daily with more than 30 different whole foods. Now I crave fruits and vegetables! 

I want to be your cheerleader for change!  

If this former chocoholic and fast-food junkie can do it, so can you.  This is not about a quick fix that won’t last. This is about making a choice every day to prioritize your health and wellness to provide a better Whole Life.